Multi-Forex Industrial Producing software

Do you create or manufacture products? Are you looking for a software to calculate the cost price of your products? in this case AFG Production is your best choice.

In this software, you need to define the raw materials for products just once and then you will be able to enter the production statistics daily; in other words, provide the software with the daily production rate for each product, and it will takes the necessary materials out of the warehouse and calculate the cost price; afterwards, it places the product in the warehouse with the calculated cost price.

You can also define all the production costs, e.g. rent, water, power, payments, taxes, etc., to be added to the cost price proportionately.

Even if your product needs different types and amounts of materials at each instance of production, the software can handle the calculations.

This is a multi-forex software package, i.e. you can purchase raw materials and sell products in different foreign currencies (forexes).

monitors all your forex accounts and neatly separates debts and claims. For instance, a customer may owe or have money owed to in base currencies or in dollars and euros; this software can keep a record of the debtor and creditor accounts in any currency separately.

This is a Multilanguage software. You can easily switch between Farsi, English, and Arabic at the push of a button. In addition, AFG Production can support Solar Hijri and Gregorian calendar simultaneously. This feature allows you to enter your vouchers and invoices in both calendars.

This software performs all inventory operations such as purchases, sales, purchase returns, sales returns, internal consumption, product transfer among warehouses, etc. AFG Production has a double forex accounting system that prepares all standard accounting reports such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements; it also provides reports and charts of your daily, weekly, and monthly net profits.

AFG Production is a Widows base software but its Cloud version is also available and the users who are using Android and IOS could also use it on their Tablets, iMac and iPads through remote desktop.

This software presents with Two different database managers MS Access and SQL Server

If you choose the SQL Edition, you may also hire a one-month VPS for $28. You can run the software on the VPS so that your computers can connect to it from different places for online work.

This way you can connect to your internet server by any PC, tablet, iPad, or iMac. This software supports all barcode readers and touch-screen monitors, and can be installed on various Windows servers and windows desktops, including XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Like our other software packages, this software comes with a lifetime guarantee; it can be upgraded for free and contains multilingual instruction videos. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about learning or teaching it to other operators. There will be problem if you decide to replace your accountants in the future. Any operator can master the software using these instructional videos.

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AFG Production Price List

  Windows base, MS Access DB Price USD
 Single User, installable on one computer $ 585
 Installable on 2 computers in a LAN $ 765
 Installable on 3 computers in a LAN $ 945
 Installable on 4 computers in a LAN $ 1080
  Cloud base, you can use it remotely
  Installable on a VPS / SQL Server DB
 Single User, One user can use the software from any location in the world $ 1085
 Two Users, 2 users can use the software in parallel from any location in the world $ 1440
 Three Users, 3 users can use the software in parallel from any location in the world $ 1840
 Four Users, 4 users can use the software in parallel from any location in the world $ 2070
   Online store for your customers
With this possibility, your customers can buy from you online with their mobile phones
$ 1490
   The power of taking orders online by the sellers
This possibility is provided for your sellers/resellers, They can take orders online (out of the office) with their mobile phones and register those in your system
$ 385
    VPS / Internet Server / standard
You can install your software on this vps and all of your users can remotely connect to it in parallel from any location in the world.
2 Xenon CPUs, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD Disk
$ 33

Plus 9% annual charge which is starting after one year.

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Installment plan

You can buy our software by installment plan also, in this case you will pay in 4 installments in 4 months, 3% flat interest will be added to each installment.

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