One of most powerful multi currency and multi language POS software in the world

AFG POS is one of the best multi language (English, Arabic and Farsi) and multi Calendar and multi currency P.O.S software in the world. It works with Gregorian calendar and Solar Hijri calendar in the same time.

It's ideal selection for supermarkets and all kinds of stores, like groceries, sport shops, audio and video equipment shops, furniture shops, pharmacies, garment stores, tools shops, car spare parts shops, etc.

AFG POS sets up an internet online store for you

If you choose the online store version, you can have the software on your pc and additional online internet version of the software on web, which is your own online store.
We provide you a website which is linked to your pos software's database in your computer, so your customers can see and buy your goods or services in your online store.

So by buying our software, you have Two things: This software is one of the best solution for traders who need an internet online shop (for selling world wide)

It has below features:

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Price List

 Single user for One computer $ 495
 for 2 computers $ 695
 for 4 Users / PC $ 995
 for 4 Users / PC + internet online store $ 1,895
 for 10 Users / PC + internet online store  $ 2,895

Plus 9% annual charge which is starting after one year.

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Our Services

All of our services are online. Using softwares like TeamViewer or AnyDesk

Whenever a customer has a problem with their software or has a question from us, he / she can speak with our online chat operators in our website and if he needs our technicians to check his computer, we can connect to his pc by above mentioned softwares and checking his PC right away.

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Installment plan

You can buy our software by installment plan also, in this case you will pay in 4 installments in 4 months, 3% flat interest will be added to each installment.

if you would like installment plan, contact us

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