One of most powerful multi Language, multi currency and multi calendar Restaurant and Coffee Shop software in the world

software is a windows base software and designed for restaurants and Coffee Shops where food is serving on Tables. In this software the tables are displayed graphically and you can select the desired table and place an order for that table. Usually this is done by waiters who go to the customer's table with a tablet in hand and take their orders.

When the order for a table is entered, the software changes the color of the table to yellow, which means an order entered for the custom table but has not been served yet.

There is a computer or tablet in the kitchen that is connected to the system and as soon as the waiter takes an order, one lines appear on the computer in the kitchen and the system announces to the kitchen that we have a food order.

The chef prepares the food and then, by clicking on the appropriate row, turns it into red, which means the food is prepared.

The waiter sees on his tablet a red order that means a food is prepared and ready to serve, picking it up from the kitchen and serving it at the customer's table, then recording on his tablet that the order was served and That order turns to blue color.

Everything is automatic in this software and the communication between waiters and orders on the tables and the kitchens and the cashier and manager is done by the software.

the color of the order and the table on which the order was placed will change to green and will remain the same until the customer leaves the restaurant. This means: the green is a table which is paid but the customer has not left the restaurant yet.

In this software you can define several kitchens. For example, The main kitchen, Coffee shop section for preparing drinks, Fast food section, Hookah section (Shisha), etc. then, in defining foods, you can specify each belongs to which section. This will be shipped to the relevant place when the customer orders, for example shisha orders send to shisha preparing section and milkshake orders to the coffee shop section and main course orders to the main kitchen and it will appear as a new order on the computer where it is installed in Kitchen or other related sections.

Each section announces on their computer that the order has been prepared and it automatically notifies the waiter.

This software is suitable for all Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bars where customer orders are taken on the table and customer pays the bill at the end.

This software has below features:

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AFG Restaurant Price List

  Windows base, MS Access DB Price USD
 Single User, installable on one computer $ 385
 Installable on 2 computers in a LAN $ 485
  Windows base, SQL Server DB, with Mobile saloon order taker system
 Installable on 2 computers in a LAN $ 895
 Installable on 4 computers in a LAN $ 1150
 Installable on 8 computers in a LAN $ 1750
   Online Restaurant
With this option, your customers can order food online with their mobile phones from home
$ 3890

Plus 9% annual charge which is starting after one year.

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